I've been meaning to start writing again(shocker a new new new new restarting of my blog). But truth be told I have no idea what to write about.
The path of my life is getting weirder by the minute;
I'm living in the US of A, in a border town whose name I can't remebe... Oh yes, Nogales, its name is Nogales, AZ.
I travel every day for work about an hour and a half, to do a job I feel I have no expertise, at all, but they decided to hire me; who am I to fight them?
This is a completely new territory; the rules and regulations for employment, health insurance, taxes and every day things are insanely alien to me(hehehehe to them I am the alien hehehehe) .
And now I'm still at work, trying to  weather this flu like symptoms and just wanting to go home to my family.

I heard that the only advise that writers, professional ones, give to people like me, for becoming a writer is STAR WRITING, that's it; so this is my starting the writing, hopefully this is not the last time.

Over and out!



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